Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review + Discount Below – (Must Read)

How would you like to lose weight, get stronger, and have more balance?  Anyone reading this article and yourself are enthusiastically saying yes, but it takes hard work to reach your goals.  A useful guide called, Unlock Your Hip Flexors was released to the public which basically promises to reverse joint and back pain, anxiety, and looking fat by targeting your hips during stretches and exercise.  Most people have never even heard of a guide like this, which makes the topic even more intriguing.  Please read our entire Unlock Your Hip Flexors review below.

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What is Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review About?

Hip flexors are the small inner hip muscles that help flex the hip joint between the thigh and pelvis.  There are other flexors in the human body, but the hips tend to be the most important for these reasons:

  • Helps us stay balanced
  • Increases are ability to stretch and reach
  • Responsible for how we walk, run, and step

These points are often overlooked by the general public but have been targeted by sports teams and athletes.  Many runners and athletes playing football, basketball, and baseball experience injuries and pain in their hips from the constant movement and stress being placed on their hip flexors.  Healthy people who are in great shape tend to avoid having these problems, but they can still occur if proper stretching and care is not combined with their rigorous exercise.

Causes for Tight Hip Flexors:

  • joint pain / previous injury
  • nerve and anxiety issues
  • digestive issues
  • obesity
  • bad circulation (too much sitting)

There are many other causes for weak hips, but those are the main reasons.  Everyday people who sit a lot or struggle with obesity are usually prime candidates to have tight hip flexors.

The program does a good job of explaining the
importance of our hip flexors, as well as separating itself from traditional weight loss and diet manuals

Who Created Unlock Your Hip Flexors Guide?

Online guides and programs are sometimes co-authored by two highly respected individuals but it is very rare.  It shows the public that much time and effort was utilized to ensure that Unlock Your Hip Flexors became the go-to resource for people wanting to strengthen their hips.  The co-authors are Mike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj, who are well known figures in the strength, health, and weight loss field.


Mike Westerdal owns the website, CriticalBench.com, where he promotes Unlock Your Hip Flexors.  He is a trainer who can help with muscle toning and bodybuilding.  He feels that helping people and changing their bodies for the better is important.

Rick Kaselj may not be the expert muscle builder but he is a kinesiologist with over 15 years of professional experience in sports training and injuries.  With a master’s in exercise, Mr. Kaselj has an abundance of knowledge on injury prevention and has even been recognized in Yahoo News and other magazines.

What Else is Included in The Program?

Our Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review will show you how to live your life with more strength, energy, and vitality by introducting different kinds of stretching.

Most of us are used to just ‘touching are toes,’ which is a form of static stretching.  This is the most common form of stretching where we are primarily still and are not moving once we are engaged in the stretch.  There are minimal benefits with static stretching because it prevents us from targeting smaller muscles at different angles.

One of the six popular stretching forms included in Unlock Your Hip Flexors is called ‘dynamic stretching.’ It is where you warm up the muscle and activate it around the joint by moving the joint in a full range of motion.  Not only does this kind of stretching warm up and activate the joint, it increases constant blood flow and circulation.  One example of dynamic stretching are high knees.

The program includes a 2-part DVD series, where Rick shows you how to target and effectively exercise your hip flexors.  In the first part, he demonstrates how to use perfect form with stretches in order to relieve tight hips.  This is the meat and potatoes of the course and Rick really puts you at ease by taking your health and safety seriously.

The second part of the series allows you to perform the stretches and exercises with Rick so that you can get started with strengthening your hip flexors and getting the full effect of the very detailed training course.

There is a 60-day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the methods.  Buy Unlock Your Hip Flexors today and get a discount + bonuses.  The program will be more than enough for strengthening your hip flexors, eliminating back pain, and even increasing energy so take advantage today!  Also, please be sure to refer back to our guide and tips on strengthening your, hips, and back