3 Top Stretches For Lower Back Pain and Hips

When talking about mobility in the hips, you have to start with lower back pain.  Lower back pain is primarily caused by tight hip flexors.  Want to know what to do for a sore hip flexor?….  S T R E T C H !  It may seem like an obvious answer, but taking the time to stretch for a few minutes everyday can help greatly.  You can find helpful stretches for lower back pain and hips all over the internet so there is no excuse!  You also must remember to stretch your legs, but if you are a person who has tight hips, understand that you are not the only person who suffers from the problem.  There are a number of hip and back pain causes, including strains from utilizing lower back muscles, but many of us have tight hips because we are always sitting, whether we are sitting at work or in front of the television.  Below are a few stretches for the hips and lower back:


Forward Lunge

If you are stretching your right hip flexor, you want to have the knee of your right leg down, and you want the left leg forward in a lunge position.  Then, you want to put all of your weight into the left leg or front leg and you will feel a stretch in your right hip flexor.  Switch and do the other leg.

stretches for lower back pain and hips

Upper Quad Stretch

You want to get into a forward lunge position with your right knee down and left leg forward in the lunge position once again.  Grab your back right foot and bring it to your butt.  You add some extension in your hip by leaning back a little in order to focus on your quad as well.

great stretch


This is a great stretch for lower back and hip stability, as well as opening up your hip flexors.  You’ll want to be lying down on your back, with your knees up, feet shoulder width apart, and arms beside you.  Before you raise up, engage your core muscles in order to stabilize yourself.  Next, you want to focus on your glutes and slowly raise your pelvis up.  Your upper leg and lower back should be in a straight line for the most part.

hip flexor stretches

**Top Guide For Strong Hip Flexors Below**

If you do these stretches everyday, at least once a day, you will feel a lot less discomfort in your hip flexors and lower back.  Although these are only a few of the many stretches you will find scattered on the internet, you may need more tips and individual attention based on your situation.  If you are an athlete who is looking to strengthen their hip flexors or an everyday person wanting increased flexibility, read our review on ‘Unlock Your Hip Flexors,’ a new and improved guide teaching everyday people more than just strength and vitality.